It’s Better If You Wait

We know that season seven of HBO’s Game of Thrones is set to premiere on July 16.  Now, Alison Natasi comes along, however, and tells us there’s a possibility that season eight (the last) might be delayed until 2019.

If these guys aren’t careful, the cast of Thrones will look like the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise before the series is finished.

I’m kidding.  But only a little bit.  For various reasons, it took a decade for the first Trek movie to get done, but only in Star Trek II were the producers, writers, actors, and director able to use the maturity of the cast to create a surprisingly-moving story of the strengths and the stresses of middle age.  The object lesson from the Trek experience for Thrones is, strike while the iron is hot.  Finish the main tale while the cast is together and in sync with each other about the work.  That may indeed be the plan, but it sounds like the bloomin’ prequels may get in the way a little bit.  We shall see.


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