Happy Memorial Day

A happy Memorial Day to all of you here in the States.  It’s the day upon which we honor those servicemen and women who have given their lives on the fields of battle to preserve our freedom.  It’s also one of the days we celebrate that freedom by indulging in backyard cookouts, eating ice cream, going to baseball games, or goofing around in the park on one of our few days off.

The President laid the traditional wreath at Arlington National Cemetery this morning.  He was not alone in doing so.  He never is.  Most of us carry a wreath in our hearts, and in serving food to our guests or telling a joke to our friends we lay it down on this day for the brother or sister or uncle or friend who bled and perhaps died for us, just so that we could keep doing the things I’ve mentioned.  We can even quarrel with each other about how much freedom we have and ought to have, if we want to.  The soldiers died for that freedom, too, and I would not wish to see it curtailed, no matter how intense the discussion may become.

Enjoy your day.  Read, think, rest, and allow yourself to be happy.  You justify the honorable sacrifice of those soldiers by the lives that you lead.  None of those men and women died for nothing.  All of them died for something good, whether it was a good that was part of the world they lived in, or a good that they could not quite imagine, a good that we ourselves might bring about.


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