Christmas Reading

Over the holiday, I will begin to read Paulette Jiles’ novel News of the World, regarded by many people as one of the best books of 2016.  First, however, I will be finishing Jill Thompson’s Wonder Woman:  The True Amazon, a lovely, watercolored graphic novel which, in telling the origin story of that superhero, depicts her transformation from a spoiled brat into the serene, elegant, and powerful servant of truth we all recognize.

I will also be celebrating the fact that Edwin Encarnacion did not sign with the Texas Rangers.  That’s one nightmare before Christmas avoided.

May your holiday be filled with great happiness–good food, laughter among family and friends, a sense of peace.  To those whose circumstances might not allow those gifts this year, I am keeping you close in my thoughts, wishing you well, and hoping that your unquenchable spirit will help you survive every adversity until brighter days return for you.

Merry Christmas!


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