Cronin Comes To TV

My own local newspaper, the Houston Comical–uh, Houston Chronicle,–reports that Fox has signed off on a pilot based on Justin Cronin’s Passage three-decker novel.

This is good news.  If the pilot goes over well (and it should), the network will turn it into a series.  The three books of Cronin’s story–The Passage, The Twelve, and The City of Mirrors–certainly have enough scope, ranging over a thousand years and most of the topography of this country.  What might be bad news is that Fox will “adapt” the books.  There’ll be changes but, one hopes, not major ones.  I am curious to see if the series turns out to be as dark as The Strain has been, or as character-driven as AMC’s The Walking Dead.

Whatever the network does, I hope that they will take the time to develop the final section of The City of Mirrors more.  I was disappointed in that part of Cronin’s last book.  I wanted more–a clearer vision of what that future was like.  The novel felt rushed in that regard.  The overall effect was still powerful, but television now has an opportunity to flesh out and perhaps improve upon Cronin’s fine story.

On another matter, I am currently reading Nick Tosches’ novel, Under Tiberius, a fictionalized–and controversial–speculation on how Jesus of Nazareth came to be the Christ.  The tale is cast in the form of a long letter from a Roman under the rule of the Emperor Tiberius to his grandson, explaining how he and Jesus wandered the territory around Jesus’s place of birth, seeking to hoodwink the people, but eventually getting caught up in the consequences of their own deception.  Devout Christians will not like this book, but non-believers and those who regard the records of the development of Christianity with a skeptical eye will find a good deal upon which to ponder.


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