A Follow-Up To Flint

Back in January, I pointed you to a succinct summary of the water crisis in Flint, Michigan.  Now, Ben Paynter of Wired has written a detailed history of the problem of pipe corrosion, and its effects across the country.  Not only is this piece an admirable extension of the original essay, it is also an example of the kind of reporting we just don’t get from print newspapers any more.  Paynter’s work is long; it will take you a while to read it, but it will help you understand the human dimensions of the problem as no other piece has done.  You might disagree with his conclusions or accept them wholeheartedly; either way, the  essay represents, to my mind, investigative journalism as she ought to be done–thorough fact-finding, a humane spirit in the writing, and thought-provoking ideas to consider.


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