This April Flood

As many of you know by now, Houston’s had an epic amount of rainfall since early Sunday evening, the 17th.  Things are well in the Lauck household.  Never a loss of power, and no damage that we can tell, but many, many areas surrounding us have not been nearly as fortunate.  Nick Stockton from over at Wired has filed a brief report that will tell you all you need to know about the event.  I can comment up to the minute that it is not raining in my neighborhood right now (a good sign for later drying out) and that landline phones do work, although many of the circuits are jammed.  Cell phone service is available, although I would guess that many towers are down in the most severely-flooded areas.

There’s beer in the ‘fridge and food to go with it, so life is good.  I’m a little worried about the downtown flooding at Minute Maid Park, though–where the Astros play.  Looks bad.


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