Shakespeare For Sale

Here’s a fascinating article on Charlton Heston’s collection of Shakespeariana, currently up for auction.

Heston was, in the acting style of his day, a broad, bold performer; but, if you watch enough of his movies (and many of us have had that opportunity), you discover that he was capable of tremendous emotional range in almost any kind of show, whether it be a sci-fi movie like Soylent Green, a western like Will Penny, or a mystery like Touch of Evil.

He was also capable of great work with Shakespeare.  His 1970 performance as Mark Antony, which I have seen, is one of the best ever.  He was warm and generous to his fellow actors and, within the bounds of work itself, completely colorblind.  For instance, he disagreed vigorously with Vanessa Redgrave over her support for the Palestine Liberation Organization in the 1970s, but he still considered her, as he put it, “the finest actor alive.”

Even after all the happiness he’s given us in his films, it’s a pleasure to discover that he was quite a bookman.


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