Books That Comfort Us

Here’s an interesting idea:  readers listing the books that give them the most comfort.  What books would be on your comfort list?

My list would include (in no particular order) The Lord of the Rings, the Isaac Asimov story, “The Bicentennial Man,” The Thorn Birds, James Michener’s Centennial, All The Light We Cannot See, and Pride and Prejudice.

This list is different from “books I love,” which include such potboilers as The Godfather.  No, the books I mentioned make me feel good about the human race.  They make me believe that the endeavor of living among others is worth the effort.  They give me hope that what I think I see–human beings building up fine ways of life in spite of those trying to tear them down–is actually the reality, and not just an illusion in my head.


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