A New Book On Autism

Most of you have heard about author and scientist Temple Grandin, whose book Thinking in Pictures chronicled her life with autism.

Now, Steve Silberman has written a new, wider study of the subject called Neurotribes and has won the 2015 Samuel Johnson Prize for doing so.  The linked interview will almost certainly compel you to put the book near the top of your TBR pile, inasmuch as Silberman was a friend of the late Oliver Sacks and a student of the fine poet, Thom Gunn.

I hope Silberman’s book will also be near the top of your list because of the honor of winning a prize named after Samuel Johnson.  If you don’t know anything about Johnson’s life or his circumstances, he’s a man worth knowing, and everyone, I believe, will be better by learning about him.


2 thoughts on “A New Book On Autism

  1. ramonawray says:

    Thanks, John, this is definitely something I’ll read. My son was diagnosed with autism at one-and-a-half, a time at which we were living in Moscow. Russia is not a great place to handle an autism diagnosis, so books were an inestimable resource in those dark days. And they helped. We were able to implement an early intervention (with the assistance of an American specialist), and today my son’s diagnosis has evolved to high-functioning autism (though not everyone agree, and some consider him an Aspie). The point is, for a parent of such a child, good books can be a lifeline. Great recommendation.

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