A Couple Of Cookbooks

The most helpful cookbook I ever owned was Dad’s Own Cookbook, by Bob Sloan, which combined a completely male-centric approach to the kitchen with considerable humor.  I was thumbing through the first edition of it in the bookstore years ago, considering whether to buy it, when I ran into Sloan’s description of his recipe for meatballs:  “These are the Titleists of meatballs,” he proclaimed.  I busted out laughing right there in the aisle and bought the book immediately.  Later, I found out that Sloan was full of common sense as well as wit.  The copy of his book to which I’ve linked is the original blue-covered paperback, but I’m pleased to see that Sloan published a second edition in 2007.  It’s a fine guide for amateur cooks, whether you’re a man or a woman.

Now, today, I offer you Joanna Pearlstein’s well-written review of The Food Lab: Better Home Cooking Through Science, by J. Kenzi Lopez-Alt.  It’s a big book, but both Lopez-Alt and Pearlstein’s review explain why you absolutely should do certain things if you want your recipes to turn out right: why, for instance, you need to add baking soda to that pancake batter, or why you, honestly and truly, ought to let the steak you just took off the grill rest a bit before you cut into it.  You could, of course, just re-watch all those episodes you DVR’d of Good Eats from the Food Network and learn the same things but, really:  who has time for that much Alton Brown?


2 thoughts on “A Couple Of Cookbooks

  1. ramonawray says:

    I’m taking notes, John 🙂 I’m not a big cook, but Hubs is always on the lookout for new inspiration… And Christmas is coming, so a new cooking book may come in handy.

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