Suspect In A Killing

I Murdered My Library,” says writer Linda Grant in a Kindle Single from 2014.  She does not mean that literally, of course, but in moving from a large house to a much smaller apartment, a fair number of executions do have to take place.

Before her move, Grant had enough space to arrange her books in the intelligent fashion we’d all like to copy, and she takes us on a guided tour of those books she most remembers and those she’d like to re-read.  Trouble is, she can’t keep all of them, and choosing which ones to let go is indeed difficult.

Any of us could have written a similar short piece.  Grant attempts to deepen her work by acknowledging what’s really going on behind the move:  the fact that she’s growing older, and running out of time to read all the books that she felt she had an eternity to read when she was younger.  Grant’s lament may make reading I Murdered My Library worthwhile for a few people.  It’s a slight essay, however–oddly cut off at the end, and less satisfying than other Kindle Singles I’ve read, such as Nic Marks’s The Happiness Manifesto.


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